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Things that didn't suck in the last few days. - My life....*snore*

Jun. 1st, 2007 09:05 am Things that didn't suck in the last few days.

So the other noght I decided to go to the movies. Our multiplex has 12 theaters....12! And how many movies are playing right now? 4....you heard me! 4.

So I picked the best of the lot, and saw the third pirates movie. Let me tell ya, if you like them you'll love this one! I did, at least. Orlando Bloom was looking veddy niiiiice. So that didn't suck.

Since all my "shows" are off for the summer (Lost til FEB!?!?!?!), I thought I was gonna give tv a pass. None of the new shows look even remotely interesting. But....BUT! I found a little gem in my opinion. On USA last night was the first epi of "The STarter Wife" with Debra Messing. Can I just say that I loved it?!? Really. When that girl isn't acting all flighty as Grace, she can really act. Just a cute show. It may suck later, but for right now I like it.

School is out. Gabe has summer school on wednesdays. All it is for is so he can get his therapies through summer. So its nice. He can say 3 words now. Up, high (hi), and bubble. Its a small (HUGE) breakthrough for us. And he is starting the process of potty training. He hasn't actually gone in the potty yet, but the desire is there. So we'll keep trying.

That is all. Love you all. *muaah*

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Date:June 1st, 2007 02:56 pm (UTC)
Oh my god look how big he is!!!! He looks like he's really tall too! Awww, cutie pie. Congrats on the progress too :-)

We saw Pirates last week as well. Hoo boy, was it long. Good, but looooong. Lochlyn asked if she could take a nap in the middle of it *snicker*.

Not much TV holding my interest these days, but I seem to have developed an addiction to Janet Evanovich books. Not normally my cup of tea, but damn if they aren't entertaining.

Not a lot going on in Caseyville--Michael's off to Chicago for four days today, so L and I will be hitting up the dinosaur museum, seeing Shrek 3 and generally lazing about.

Talk to me soon! *mwah*