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News of da world, but not really. - My life....*snore*

Dec. 19th, 2006 08:01 pm News of da world, but not really.

So I have been working like a dog, at work and home. I have barely even been on my computer for like 3 weeks now. But I guess you know that. hee

I have been working a little here and there while Gabe is in school, on top of my regular schedule which has me working pretty much anytime John is not. And John's holiday schedule has been so busy, I have had to go on the down low and do his bread job in the afternoons and some evenings. Sheesh! Thus my eternal business. My apologies to Bemusing and family for being sooooo neglectful. I would never let our friendship slip. I hope you know that.

The news in wally world is that I got my 90 day review today. Another reason to be in walmart on my day off. And as I had hoped, I got "Exceeds all expectations". And the full 60cent raise. So that was very nice. And because they had to call me in to give my eval to me, I got paid for 4 hours for about 10 minutes of "work".

I think I am the only person there that likes it. To hear EVERYONE (and I mean everyone) talk, you'd think they were being made to go there every day against their will. Everyone hates it there and does nothing but bitch and gossip. I do my best to stay out of that. Which is why my eval was good, I guess. meh.

At home....we have been busy as a family too. Actually having money to christmas shop has kept us busy. And as usual, when we have money, its hard to find things to spend it on. But we perservere.

John (and I) traded my old escort in and got him an 02 Kia Rio. Very cheap and looks brand new. The escort was on its last legs, so it was a preemptive strike. And we had a friend at the dealership looking out for just this type of car for us. So now we have 2 car payments, but I really can't complain about that either. Its only about $130 a month (see? CHEAP!), not too bad.

Tomorrow is the class Christmas party at the preschool. And a "special guest" is supposed to be showing up. Huzzah. Probably the principal in a Santa suit. hee Can't wait to see Gabe's reaction. He knows who Santa is, but he doesn't really get that he brings presents. Maybe next year for that one. But it should be fun for all.

I hope to get back to normal after christmas. I'll still be working, but not nearly as much, of course. Love and happy holidays to my beloved friends. *smoochies*

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